Daring - The Tudor Lounge

Daring - The Tudor Lounge

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Daring - The Tudor Lounge DVD

Holly XX, Valerie Fox, Chelsey Lanette, Bree Branning, Kendra Dee, Carly Gee, Freddy Flavas, Mike Angelo, Luke Hardy, Sasha Kash

The Daring Media Group presents their latest production from female Director Anjali Kara.

The Tudor Lounge is a Swingers Paradise.

A venue where sexy MILF?s and hot Housewives can live out their hedonistic fantasies.

Mike Angelo runs the club and has to satisfy the needs of his customers, his Boss and his Girlfriend.

Luckily, he has a trusted network of studs to help him.

The Tudor Lounge features, glamorous MILF?s, real swingers and the clubs talented staff.

A deluxe adult movie from Daring for your viewing pleasure.

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Disc: 1 Stück


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