Daring - Bedtime Stories #3

Daring - Bedtime Stories #3

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Daring - Bedtime Stories #3 DVD

Blanche Bradburry, Carla Cox, Conny Carter, Marry Queen, Eileen Sue, Tracy Lindsay, John Parker, Denson

We invite you to part 3 of our successful and acclaimed Daring Pure! series "Bedtime Stories".

A series based on the needs of most couples with the passion and emotions between lovers, like if they were having sex for the first time.

A love so intense, that we simply had to engage an experienced porn star Carla Cox, who is an expert in a showing her emotions in a most natural behavior.

For our lesbian lover couples scene, we found newbie Tracy Lindsay exploring her and her girlfriend's feminine boundaries in which their most craving desire will be appeased until ultimate satisfaction!

Laufzeit: 120 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


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