Diablo - All 3 Way

Diablo - All 3 Way

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Diablo - All 3 Way DVD

Corina Taylor, Dana Vispoli, Jada Fire, Jassie, Lauren Phoenix, Melanie Jagger, Mr Pete, Serena South

Get ready for a bevy of beautiful teen cock junkies just begging to get jammed, slammed, and stretched in a filthy, sticky, cum drenched 3 way fuck party. melanie jagger is a jizz guzzling cock whore who gets plenty of hard, stiff dick and buckets of hot cumpies up her gaping bunghole when she's tag teamed and fucked hard by dick nasty and benjamin brat. michael stefano is in pussy heaven when corina taylor and dana vespoli gang up on his massive fuck stick for a hot, sticky cooze fest.

Then, jada fire is the recipient of some serious cock training by me and mark ashley. we jackhammered her asshole so hard, she won't be able to sit down for weeks. gorgeous young nympho jassie teams up with cock jockey serena south to give me the ride of my life, draining me of every drop of spooge i've got. finally, beautiful blonde lauren phoenix gets slammed, banged, violated and dp'd into oblivion until her every orifice is gushing with steaming hot cum from mark wood and brian surewood. friends, that's a lotta Wood!

Laufzeit: 100 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


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