A Lover's Tryst

A Lover's Tryst

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A Lover's Tryst DVD

Laufzeit: 130 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


Victoria Summers, Max Deeds, Satine Spark, Billy King, Lucia Love, Rob Dean, Lola Gatsby, Sabrina Jay, Max Deeds

5 amazingly erotic scenes featuring the genuine sexual pleasure that real couples achieve when they have truly learned their way around each other?s sensitive and aroused bodies. Our couples enjoy a series of classic lover?s scenarios including the powerful, sexual conclusion of a beautifully cooked romantic meal, a private meeting that soon turns into intense lovemaking and of course a candlelit bath which as any couple know?s it?s all that is needed to stimulate your senses and your lover!

We hope you enjoy watching our attractive couples making love movie as much as they enjoyed allowing us to film them.

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