The Stepmother #9

The Stepmother #9

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The Stepmother #9 DVD

Laufzeit: 130 Min.
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Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze, Adrianna Luna, Nick Manning, Marcus London, Richie Deville.

Emma has a dark secret. Her fiancée--an older, distinguished gentleman--doesn't know anything about her salacious past. But when his son meets his soon-to-be-stepmother, he recognizes her at once: a sultry escort who goes by the online-name of Sabrina. While Emma tries to leave her tainted past behind, her stepson sucks her back into a relationship of deceit, betrayal and sexual intrigue. Starring: Kimberly Kane, Allie Haze and Marcus London and featuring Adrianna Luna. Written & Directed by James Avalon.

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