Gay Massage #8

Gay Massage #8

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Gay Massage #8 DVD

Laufzeit: 110 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


Luke Taylor, Nick, Dick Tracy, Ennio Guardi, Andy, Arny Donan, Alex Hell, Oscar Hart

Andy is busy giving Arny a nice relaxing massage when he notices how good his ass looks in his briefs. He is quick to pull them aside and really get busy with Arny's hot body. Dick just bought a new massage table and Ennio is eager to test it out. The massage is quick to turn sexual when Ennio turns over on his stomach to show off his raging hard on. Nick is stressed out because of work and comes home tired. Luke offers to give him a massage to help him release some tension, which Nick ends up doing in other sexy ways. Both Alex and Oscar love getting massaged, but they each hate actually doing it. It's Oscar's turn to massage Alex, but he has other things he would rather do to Alex's muscular body.

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