American Tranny #4

American Tranny #4

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American Tranny #4 DVD

Laufzeit: 120 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


Jane Marie, Jessy Dubai, Sarina, Valentina Khloe, Hart, Christian Smith

Christian is taking photos for sexy model Jane Marie. The photo shoot is quick to turn sexual, and Christian is shocked to see what she has modeling in her pants. Smith's wife left on vacation, so he has the house to himself. He decides to call a prostitute for some fun times. When Jessy shows up, it isn't what he is expecting at all. Smith just moved in next door to Khloe so she wants to welcome him to the neighborhood. She heads over to his place and he ends up getting a much warmer welcome than he expected. Sarina and Christian just went on the perfect first date. Sarina assumes Christian knows about her hidden secret, but it turns out to be a pretty big surprise.

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