Shaftin Whitney #2

Shaftin Whitney #2

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Shaftin Whitney #2 DVD

Laufzeit: 240 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


Kelly, Bruna, Milla di Castro, Edoarda , Mylla Pereira, Andreaja, Jennifer, Leona, Rafaella

One by one, these Big Dark Girls methodically destroy skinny little White Guys asses. The White guys do not seem to mind that these girls dominate them in everyway- bigger cocks, face and ass slapping, and a much larger agenda than just a simple interracial ass romping. These girls are out to cause some damage and the boys may not have fully understood what they were getting into. After destroying each white ass and dumping big cum loads on the boys, the girls jump in the outdoor pool and enjoy a skinny dip to cool down from all the hard work and bask in the euphoria that payback brings.

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