Daddy I'm a Big Girl Now

Daddy I'm a Big Girl Now

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Daddy I'm a Big Girl Now DVD

Laufzeit: 80 Min.
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"Mason Stone has been catching Daddy peeping at her big titties. Just the thought has turned her on so much, that she's been picturing Daddy while masturbating! She will be all alone with Daddy this weekend, the perfect time to seduce him!

Jessica Robert's boobs have been growing and growing! All the way to a G cup! Lately she's been growing hornier and wanting a guy to knock her up. After striking out a party, Jessica heads home and finds her brother crashed on the couch. Unable to control herself any longer, Jessica pounces!

Teal Riley comes home most days to an empty house. She's been pleasing herself better than her boyfriend can, and enjoys spending quality time by herself! Her dirty thoughts have been taking over and becoming fantasies. Almost everytime she masturbates only one person comes to mind, Daddy! It's so taboo that it gets her so hot and she has never cummed so hard. Will Daddy freak out if she tries to make a fantasy reality?"

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