Milf Seeking Boys #10

Milf Seeking Boys #10

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Milf Seeking Boys #10 DVD

Laufzeit: 115 Min.
Disc: 1 Stück


Dava Foxx, Holly West, Sarah Vandella, Nadia Styles, Romeo Price, Bill Bailey, Tony Martinez, Dane Cross

Romeo is going door to door to try and sell magazines for his college tuition. When he gets to Dava's place, she has another way in mind to help him out. Holly's neighbor is renting out her place for the summer, and she notices the new tenant is a hot young stud. Holly is quick to introduce herself and give Bill a nice warm welcome. Nadia has a habit of hiring young guys to be her assistant so she can boss them around and then fuck them when shes done. Dane is the newest victim to her sexy plans, and he doesn't mind one bit. Sarah is getting a professional massage from Tony. She loves the fact that hes so young, and when the opportunity arises she is quick to offer him some pleasure too.

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