Reality Junkies - Busty Teens

Reality Junkies - Busty Teens

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Reality Junkies - Busty Teens  DVD

Alexis Adams, Karlee Grey, Iris Rose, Skyla Novea, James Deen, Johnny Castle, Tommy Gunn, Jeremy Long

Johnny and Diana have been dating for a while...and Johnny finally gives Diana a promise ring. Alexis is peeking from the side of the window fuming...although being Diana's roommate and best friend. So when Diana leaves the house to work...Alexis pounces on Johnny... convincing him that shes the better girl with the better boobs. Tommy is in the kitchen drinking coffee when his daughter Angel brings her new big tit friend Karlee. Angel and Karlee ask Tommy if sunbathing by the pool is ok...he agrees. While sunbathing Angel tells Karlee that she forgot that she has a yoga appointment and rushes Karlee looks around with no one near the pool she decides to sunbathe topless...while oiling her boobs...Tommy tells her to come in the house for some fun. Next door neighbor James is best friends with Skyla's James came over to play video games...when Skyla's brother has to go take a mid-term test at school...Skyla decides to play video games with James that leads her to play with his joystick. Jeremy and Iris's brother are hanging out in his bedroom talking about surfing. Jeremy needs to use the bathroom and ask Iris's brother where it is. So Jeremy goes in the hallway and picks the wrong door where he barged in on Iris during a topless webcam session. Iris is so horny webcamming...lucky for Jeremy he is in the right place at the right time.

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